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About Us

We are a Real Estate company based in Pretoria Gauteng. We have been established since 1994.

We have great success in what we do, our offices consists of brokers, bond originators, estate agents, rental agents, developers and conveyance attorneys.

All in one building for stream line efficiency. We have a huge client data base and our small individual investors are growing day by day


We sell properties in the Moot, North, Central and West of Pretoria

• We have a rentals department.

• We do property finance.

• We have Brokers and Conveyance Attorneys available.


Contact Us

Sonskyn Properties Tel: 012 335 9559 / Fax: 012 335 1151

Sonskyn Rentals Tel: 012 335 2912 / Fax: 012 335 5576

Bond Originators Tel: 012 335 1186 / Fax: 012 335 1866

171 Fred Nicholsen Str
Les Marais

Email: ilse@sonskyneiendomme.co.za

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